Do You have a Small Bathroom? Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

By Tim / March 21, 2017

Do you have a small bathroom and don’t like it as it currently is? There are plenty of bathroom ideas for small bathrooms that can turn your small bathroom into your ideal space. From different designs, making your bathroom appear bigger, decorative pieces for such a space, among others. The idea is to make the best of the space at your disposal not only for the functional aspect but also for aesthetic. The great thing is that most of these ideas can be implemented as DIY projects, without having to break the bank.

Design Ideas

Rule number one for design bathroom ideas for small bathrooms is to keep it simple. You want simple lines, sparse furnishings and basic colors and patterns for a small bathroom. Given that you have limited space maximize on natural light with a large window. This makes your space look bigger and gives it an open, airy effect that ensures that your bathroom does not feel so small. Draw attention away from your floor space with an intricately decorated ceiling and plenty of eye-catching details on the walls. Do not, however, overdo the walls as this will make the space feel crowded. For storage space, a mixture of open and closed in-built cabinetry should do the trick. To save on space, opt for slide instead of swing doors. Above all, focus on the details. You want to take attention away from the small space to the details and craftsmanship that went into creating and transforming your bathroom to your ideal space, especially when you need to relax.

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Children’s Furniture Needs Not Stress You Anymore

By Tim / March 19, 2017

Ranging from cribs, chairs, beds, desks, and any other piece of furniture, craftsmanship is the cornerstone of quality children’s furniture. You can accent your kids’ furniture using different designs, patterns, and colors to fit their various personalities. As a parent, you have to pay keen attention even as you go about choosing your kids’ furniture. From space saving furniture designs and how to decorate and paint your kid’s furniture, while ensuring that your children will still be safe, choosing the perfect furniture for your kids can be a daunting task. As you go about choosing their furniture, you want to ensure that you get value for money spent without stifling their individual personalities.

Decorating Children’s Rooms

Furniture plays a great role in decorating any room, including that of your child. Even as you go about decorating your child’s room with different pieces of furniture, you should bear in mind that your kids' room will change and grow as they grow older and mature. It is, therefore, wise to go with flexible furniture consisting of simple lines. Oak woods and daybeds are perfect furniture choices since they suit kids of different ages and go well with any color. Allow your children to have a say in the furniture they prefer but ensure that whatever you settle on, it’s simple enough to guarantee you flexibility in future. Simplicity is the way to go as you choose your children’s furniture.

Furniture Safety

As a parent, you do your best to ensure that your child is always safe. It’s amazing how we overlook the fact that furniture can be hazardous to our children’s safety. Furniture tip-over tragedies are a real threat to kids’ safety. The good thing is that you protect your children from tip-over hazards. Parents are encouraged to avoid using used furniture for their kids since they may be missing some parts or have structural issues. If you have to use secondhand furniture, ensure that they are as safe and sturdy as possible. Additionally, avoid highchairs as feeding apparatus because overly active children can topple over. If you have to use them, ensure that your kids are securely strapped in at all times and that they do not stand on the chair. Also, be within arm’s reach of your child.

Do avoid sharp corners on your children’s furniture. These can be the cause of unnecessary and unforeseen accidents. Opt for furniture with rounded corners instead. If using stained or dyed furniture, ensure that it is free of volatile organic components (VOCs), because these are known toxins. If your child’s furniture has drawers, ensure that they have soft closing sides so that your kids’ fingers do not get jammed in there. Lastly, always opt for furniture made in the USA because safety regulations for U.S. manufacturers change every year and these manufacturers are always kept up-to-date, ensuring your child’s safety.

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Choosing Apartment Furniture: What Should You Know?

By Tim / March 17, 2017

Moving into your new apartment could be the biggest decision you’ve made all year. With it comes a lot of excitement and stress, especially with regards to furniture. As you choose your ideal apartment furniture, what should you bear in mind? Would you rather buy or rent furniture? How do you go about picking the right furniture for your apartment? If you have a small apartment, which is the ideal space-saving furniture? Which design, color and style should you go for? All these and more cross our minds as we choose functional yet attractive furniture for our apartment.

Picking Apartment Furniture

First of all, take measurements of the surface you intend to place your furniture so that different pieces do not overlap. You also need to measure the doorways to ensure that your selected furniture can pass through. Returning furniture to the store because it can’t pass through the door is a total inconvenience. Even as you take the measurements, do not forget to write them down lest you forget which measurement was for which piece of furniture. This will ensure that you do not pick small furniture that will look out of place or large furniture that will crowd your space.

Next, choose a style to go with. For small apartments, simple, clean designs work best. Larger apartments give you greater decorative freedom with your furniture. Decide on the colors. It is better to stick to furniture that complements the colors of your floor and walls but still suits your taste. Dark rooms benefit from brightly colored furniture. You can play around with color in well-lit rooms. Do not forget to match your furniture to the rest of the décor in the apartment. Factor in your artwork and any other decorative accessories you own.

Space-saving Furniture for Small Apartments

The bigger and busier most cities become, the smaller the sizes of apartments. No need to worry, however. You can opt for space-saving furniture for that cozy feeling within your small apartment. Hidden storage behind doors and other cleverly covered up spots free up your apartment giving it a clean, minimalistic effect. It also allows you to show off your statement furniture pieces that would otherwise be overshadowed by clutter in the form of storage boxes, baskets, and jars that would be occupying your floor space.


Additionally, going for small multifunctional furniture helps you stick to the basics while enjoying furniture pieces that serve double duty. A storage ottoman can work as a coffee table while still offering extra seating space. A sofa table can be used as a dining table, common table, and also as a desk. Stacking, self-storing furniture have various uses ranging from storage, a table, and even seating area. A bench, on the other hand, can serve as a dining room seat, low media cabinet and even as a coffee table. Bookcases are the lifeline of most small apartments. They can serve as a room divider, act as storage areas, serves as an entry, breakfast, media and sofa table. They can also act as an armless sofa bookend and as a home office by serving as a writing/laptop spot. Ask the furniture store attendants which multifunctional pieces they have. They will be more than willing to help.

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Bamboo Furniture is Ideal for All Your Furniture Needs

By Tim / March 15, 2017
bamboo furniture feature

Choosing furniture for your home is an exciting experience. One is not only limited to furniture made from ordinary wood anymore; you can opt for furniture made from bamboo, even for a modern ambiance. There are many reasons to choose furniture made from bamboo instead of ordinary wood. However, taking care of your bamboo furniture is vital. What are some of the steps to take for proper care of your such furniture? If you want to stain it, how can you go about this process? More homes and offices are opting for the bamboo experience which screams class and style thanks to the Zen feeling associated with it.

Why Choose Bamboo Furniture?

Bamboo is completely eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable because bamboo grows back very fast in 5years or less. This makes it a renewable resource in addition to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration making it a major contributor to reducing global warming. Not only that, bamboo sequesters approximately 35% more oxygen compared to other trees contributing to a healthier environment. Opting for bamboo furniture, therefore, ensures that you play your part in maintaining the environment.

bamboo furniture

Bamboo wood is very hard making it ideal for sturdy furniture. It is 20% harder than oak wood guaranteeing durable and great quality furniture. Additionally, this furniture is resistant to swelling and shrinking due to atmospheric changes ranging from humidity to dry air. Such furniture also comes in various styles and finishes giving you plenty to choose from. Given that bamboo grows very fast, it is always in plenty making furniture made from bamboo affordable to many.

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The Best Online Kitchen Design Tool

By Tim / March 12, 2017
chief architect

Planning and designing a new kitchen or renovation is a lot of fun and can be done as a DIY project without enlisting the help of a professional. Kitchen design software (both free and paid) makes this process a lot easier given that a lot of variables go into it. Using kitchen design software is a great starting point in getting organized. You also get to visualize your final kitchen better especially with 3D software versions. You can start by viewing kitchen design images from where you can proceed to work with the software. Below are some paid and free kitchen design software options:

1. Chief Architect (Home Designer Suite)

This is a paid interior design kitchen design tool for under $100. It is very popular and can be used to design any room in the house, including kitchens. The design options and degree of detail is one of the best you can find. It is a PC download of 242MB in size, downloads in 1minute on broadband and 9hours 50minutes on dial-up. It allows you to design in both 2D and 3D or both simultaneously and allows you to take a virtual tour. One can quickly get started with how-to videos containing step by step instructions together with free technical support. Chief Architect is currently only available to customers in the USA on Amazon.

2. ProKitchen Software

This is a 3D, paid kitchen design software option that includes products from more than 300 appliance catalogs and manufacturers allowing you to visualize specific products in your kitchen before you purchase them.

3. 2020 Design

This paid kitchen design software offers advanced designs such as light adjusting detail in the graphic design, offers importing of 3D shapes and 360degree views. 2020 Design highlights include Quickbooks integration which allows you to synch your business account information to generate accurate invoices for clients. To get a free 30day trial, you must, however, request for it but has very impressive renderings.

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The Wonderful Masterpiece that is the Modern Desk

By Tim / February 26, 2017

Is a desk just a desk? A desk is a vital aspect of most of our everyday lives as a workspace, space for peripherals, or even just a space where you can share coffee. For those who work from home, even though, every once in a while, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to work from home, getting a functional yet comfortable desk is paramount. Modern home office desks combine the best of these two worlds. There are many varieties you can choose from depending on your needs and style, also factoring in the amount of office space you have in the home. Modern desk refer to desks that incorporate designs from the 1920s-1950s and can be made from plastic, glass, metal, wood, and any other material. They also come in different sizes depending on the user’s needs.

Choosing a Desk

Before buying a desk, you should first determine how you plan to use the desk. You are looking for something both functional and comfortable. It should also have enough storage space because as we know, an office cannot be entirely paperless. A modern desk also allow you to work without having to sit down. For those who prefer standing to sitting due to several health incentives, such a modern desk is ideal.

Shape of Workstation

Your workstation is dependent on the size of your office together with your needs. Ordinarily, a modern L-shaped desk or bow front executive desk provides plenty of space as a workstation for both your computer and storage needs. If space is an issue, a modern small, wall-mounted desk or corner desk will help you save on floor space while upholding functionality, style and accommodating storage needs.

Maximizing Office Desk Space

A modern office desk with a hutch offers additional vertical space for storage purposes and a more streamlined storage system. If you opt for such a computer desk, ensure that your monitor is not bigger than the space it is supposed to fit in. Another way to maximize your space is by adding a shelf or two on top of your workspace where you can store more desk accessories or use to boost your monitor vertically.

Examples of a Modern Desk

Herman Miller Airia Desk

Herman Miller Airia Modern Desk

Designed by Kaiju Studios. This desk combines form and functionality, while keeping clutter at bay. Its clean lines of burnished walnut and gleaming white aluminum make it very attractive. While a hidden drawer along its front for storage purposes. The back has a raised surface and a trough where you can keep pens, pencils and other office stationery and cables that you do not want to be seen.

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Open Up Your Mind to The World of The Contemporary Desk

By Tim / February 25, 2017
Luna Desk - Contemporary desk

The emergence of contemporary furniture is dated back to around the 1950s. Contemporary desk refer to desks made after the 19th century, greatly influenced by the modernist art movement. They envisage simple visual design that substantially forms part of the theme of an individual’s office. They come in different shapes and designs. The materials used to craft them are diverse. Designers of such desks take full advantage of newly discovered techniques for crafting desks and use cutting edge materials.

For a state of the art desk in contemporary design, hard lines, neutral colors and a lot of storage space does the trick. White, off white and black offer a contemporary edge. These desks tend to keep the colors basic, minimizing the use of bright and bold colors.


Designers of a contemporary desk factor in the overall design scheme the owner to be may be trying to accomplish. They ensure that the desk addresses the practical needs of a modern office while still expressing the spirit of the modern day and age. The design in its totality tries to encompass the beauty of the materials used to make it, the purpose of the desk, and the methods employed in making it. In designing such desks, the designer tries to ensure that the desk can serve as many people as possible while being as affordable and attainable to a wide market. In creating such pieces, creating a visually compelling item is secondary.

The texture, colors, and form of the desk spring directly from the materials used. Such desks can be U-shaped, L-shaped, boat-shaped, rectangular, and can take any other popular shape you may think of. The design also blends the use of the desk with the beauty of the material used to make it for a functional yet visually attractive piece of furniture. The design is simplistic in nature with an apparent structure and no redundant materials.

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18 Impossibly Chic Black Kitchen Cabinets

By Tim / February 11, 2017
18 Impossibly Chic Black Kitchen Cabinets

Chic black kitchen cabinets are currently in style and they bring an elegant and dramatic feel to any kitchen.  As more and more kitchens are utilizing black as a primary color in their kitchen, we get a varied look at black kitchen cabinets.  

While you will find black kitchen cabinets in all styles of kitchens, currently the two most prominent styles to feature these cabinets are contemporary and traditional.  Let's take a look at examples of the two styles.   

Contemporary Chic Black Kitchen Cabinets 

Contemporary kitchen designs work well with black cabinets.  All the kitchens in this contemporary category feature smooth straight cabinet lines and pair well with stainless steel appliances, hanging light features and contrasting countertops & barstools. 

This kitchen features a double oven and teardrop pendent lights with a stainless steal oven hood and refrigerator.  Pairing the black kitchen cabinets with black swivel barstools really finishes off the look.  

The tin ceiling and industrial lighting in this kitchen mix well with the black cabinets to finish off a balanced industrial look. 

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Contemporary Clifton Beach House in Cape Town South Africa

By Tim / January 31, 2017
Clifton Beach House1

If you enjoy modern contemporary apartments steps from a world class beach with stunning ocean and sunset views then today's Dream House Inspiration is for you!  This Airbnb apartment is located on Cape Town, South Africa's Clifton Beach.

Clifton Beach Apartment

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
This contemporary apartment is 30 seconds' walk to the famous blue flag Clifton beaches. Situated close to the City, Waterfront, Camps Bay and Table Mountain.
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Named one of Town & Country's best beaches in the World, Clifton Beach is immaculately divided into four parts.  The four beaches of Clifton (named 1st through 4th) on the Atlantic coastline are impossibly beautiful. The water is extremely cold, so its not great for swimming or surfing but the setting is difficult to beat.

Each beach attracts its own type of crowd:

  • 1st Beach is for those wanting a quite walk away from the crowd
  • 2nd Beach is where you're most likely to bump into a model
  • 3rd Beach attracts Cape Town’s gay community
  • 4th Beach is popular amongst teenagers 

The properties overlooking Clifton Beach are nestled in between table mountain and the beach creating the perfect spot for some of the world's premier real estate with unbeatable views.

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