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L Shaped Kitchen

By Tim / June 6, 2018

The L shaped kitchen is the most common kitchen layout. Symmetry with cooking zones, food prep and the sink all while being open makes this a popular kitchen layout.  L shaped kitchens provide various storage options, given the various corners units and effective use of space. This is a particularly beautiful example as the kitchen flows […]


One Wall Kitchen

By Tim / June 2, 2018

The one wall kitchen layout has all appliances, cabinets and sink on a single straight wall.  This is a functional design that saves space while remaining open.  Popular in smaller kitchens, apartments, efficiencies but not uncommon in larger kitchen designs.  One Wall Kitchen – The SetupHouse and Home MagizineThe one wall kitchen layout is ideal […]


Galley Kitchen

By Tim / May 30, 2018

The galley kitchen layout derives its name from a kitchen on a ship or airplane.  It’s the most simple and straight-forward kitchen design. Popular among smaller houses and apartments due to the fitted standard styles and sizes, making them the most cost-effective and efficient to produce kitchens in mass.Galley Kitchen – The SetupStudio BlockA galley kitchen […]