Open Up Your Mind to The World of The Contemporary Desk

By Tim / February 25, 2017
Luna Desk - Contemporary desk

The emergence of contemporary furniture is dated back to around the 1950s. Contemporary desk refer to desks made after the 19th century, greatly influenced by the modernist art movement. They envisage simple visual design that substantially forms part of the theme of an individual’s office. They come in different shapes and designs. The materials used to craft them are diverse. Designers of such desks take full advantage of newly discovered techniques for crafting desks and use cutting edge materials.

For a state of the art desk in contemporary design, hard lines, neutral colors and a lot of storage space does the trick. White, off white and black offer a contemporary edge. These desks tend to keep the colors basic, minimizing the use of bright and bold colors.


Designers of a contemporary desk factor in the overall design scheme the owner to be may be trying to accomplish. They ensure that the desk addresses the practical needs of a modern office while still expressing the spirit of the modern day and age. The design in its totality tries to encompass the beauty of the materials used to make it, the purpose of the desk, and the methods employed in making it. In designing such desks, the designer tries to ensure that the desk can serve as many people as possible while being as affordable and attainable to a wide market. In creating such pieces, creating a visually compelling item is secondary.

The texture, colors, and form of the desk spring directly from the materials used. Such desks can be U-shaped, L-shaped, boat-shaped, rectangular, and can take any other popular shape you may think of. The design also blends the use of the desk with the beauty of the material used to make it for a functional yet visually attractive piece of furniture. The design is simplistic in nature with an apparent structure and no redundant materials.

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18 Impossibly Chic Black Kitchen Cabinets

By Tim / February 11, 2017
18 Impossibly Chic Black Kitchen Cabinets

Chic black kitchen cabinets are currently in style and they bring an elegant and dramatic feel to any kitchen.  As more and more kitchens are utilizing black as a primary color in their kitchen, we get a varied look at black kitchen cabinets.  

While you will find black kitchen cabinets in all styles of kitchens, currently the two most prominent styles to feature these cabinets are contemporary and traditional.  Let's take a look at examples of the two styles.   

Contemporary Chic Black Kitchen Cabinets 

Contemporary kitchen designs work well with black cabinets.  All the kitchens in this contemporary category feature smooth straight cabinet lines and pair well with stainless steel appliances, hanging light features and contrasting countertops & barstools. 

This kitchen features a double oven and teardrop pendent lights with a stainless steal oven hood and refrigerator.  Pairing the black kitchen cabinets with black swivel barstools really finishes off the look.  

The tin ceiling and industrial lighting in this kitchen mix well with the black cabinets to finish off a balanced industrial look. 

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Contemporary Clifton Beach House in Cape Town South Africa

By Tim / January 31, 2017
Clifton Beach House1

If you enjoy modern contemporary apartments steps from a world class beach with stunning ocean and sunset views then today's Dream House Inspiration is for you!  This Airbnb apartment is located on Cape Town, South Africa's Clifton Beach.

Clifton Beach Apartment

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
This contemporary apartment is 30 seconds' walk to the famous blue flag Clifton beaches. Situated close to the City, Waterfront, Camps Bay and Table Mountain.
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Named one of Town & Country's best beaches in the World, Clifton Beach is immaculately divided into four parts.  The four beaches of Clifton (named 1st through 4th) on the Atlantic coastline are impossibly beautiful. The water is extremely cold, so its not great for swimming or surfing but the setting is difficult to beat.

Each beach attracts its own type of crowd:

  • 1st Beach is for those wanting a quite walk away from the crowd
  • 2nd Beach is where you're most likely to bump into a model
  • 3rd Beach attracts Cape Town’s gay community
  • 4th Beach is popular amongst teenagers 

The properties overlooking Clifton Beach are nestled in between table mountain and the beach creating the perfect spot for some of the world's premier real estate with unbeatable views.

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