11 Dream Home Interiors That Will Inspire You

By Tim / June 12, 2017

Havenly is an online interior design solution.  Havenly works as a design platform, vendor and intermediary between designers and individuals looking to have a room professionally designed.  For those DIYers they have a 'mini' plan where you can choose a designer, get initial design ideas, pick a concept, get a curated shopping list a 1-2 weeks of design time for $79.

11 Dream Home Interiors 

Here is a sample of 11 different interiors from 11 different Havenly designers to inspire your dream home interiors. 

Modern Interior 


In this modern living room design, Teodora has featured a Shelter left terminal chaise 2-piece sectional in a pebble oatmeal weave as a center piece to the room.  The sectional is framed by a Jamie Young Americana iron round coffee table and Linon Dark Grey Pillows.

You can find this full design on  Teodora's Havenly Board.  



Designer Sarah has created this glam modern room design which features a dark wood floor accented by a 5'X6'7" Ivory Faux Cowhide area rug.  The room also features a Tandom Microgrid Grey Sleeper Sofa, PradaMarfa sign and Quadro Quilted Natural Pillows.

You can find this design on Sarah's Havenly Board.   

dream home interiors

In this Mid century Modern living room design Alissa kept the room open and bright.  Centered by a Maxwell Ryan Modern Roll Arm Sofa the room has a symmetrical feel with the dual curved terrace night stands.  

You can find this dream home interiors design on Alissa's Havenly Board. ​

Traditional Interior 


As we move to traditional designs Brenthony has a living room design with a tempered color palate and order to the layout.  This design and color scheme is centered off the Beige Linen Tufted Cocktail Ottoman and the lounge chairs are formly upholstered.  

You can find this design on ​Brenthony's Havenly Board.


This design is a timeless traditional living room.  Anchored by the Camden Beige Linen Sofa and the dual Loganville End tables establish the traditional look.  While the roll-back tufted washed blue chairs and accent pillows give the design freshness and personality. 

You can find this design on Michelle's Havenly Board. ​

dream home interiors

This open traditional living room is designed by Jennifer.  The symmetrical layout of the furniture keeps this design traditional while bringing in a lot of light from the windows framed by the Emery Frame Border Linen Drapes.

You can get this design from Jennifers Havenly Board.    


This is a Traditional Transitional Living Room design by Alissa.  This room features hard-wood floors, tall ceilings and a feature wall with a fireplace, shelves, windows and painting.  The Anton Sectional Chaise separates the room into two different living areas.  

You can find this design and more dream home interiors on Alissa's Havenly Board. ​

Classic Interior 


Michelle has brought this classic transitional living room design to life with Havenly's design tools.  This living room starts with a Petra Blue Rug with Comfort Roll-arm sofas for seating.  The Beach Abstract Painting gives the room a comfortable coastal vibe.  

You can find this design on Michelle's Havenly Board


This classic contemporary living room was designed by Pamela.  This design is a contemporary take on more formal living rooms.  Two Dutch club chairs and a Cunningham 89" sofa provide the seating in this room. 

You can find this design on Pamela's Havenly Board


This elegant and functional living room was designed by LuAnne.  This design features two Sloan Fabric Sofa's separated by a Carter Coffee Table.  The fireplace is the center feature of the room with a reading window nook.

You can find this design on LuAnne's Havenly Board. ​

Scandinavian Interior 


This Modern Scandinavian Living Room is designed by Lindsey.  The straight formal lines on the sofa and abstract black and white ink painting signal the modern style while the softer grey tones of the couch, rug and Carncome Club chair say Scandinavian touch.

You can find this design on Lindsey's Havenly Board. ​

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