22 Ways You Can Add Value To Your Property

By Tim / April 20, 2018

With house prices increasing - now is the time to invest in your own home. Working your way up the property ladders requires capitalizing to add value to your property. Whether you're choosing to sell now or in the near future - we welcome Tome Davies, a property expert from Accelerate Homes (UK) who compiled a list of 22 ways to achieve the most out of your property

Add Value To Your Property

“More than 29% of homeowners realise the value of investing in their homes and as demand grows, it is essential to keep a sharp eye on opportunities with high ROI”.

1 Convert your cellar

Potential value increase of 30%

One of the least complex home improvements with no planning permission required

2 Split a house into flats

Potential value increase of: 30%

This is a very popular option in major cities like LONDON, BUT you should do your research. If 3-bedroom properties aren't selling but smaller flats are, then converting one might be a good option! 

3 Add a side-return kitchen extension

Potential value increase of: 15%

Gain valuable space and improve the layout of your kitchen.

Planning permission: no more than 4M high and no wide than half the width of the house

4 Loft conversion

Potential value up to 15%

Converting a loft can potentially increase living square footage and bring in rental income and add value to your property.   

5 Add a conservatory

Be closer to nature with a fully glazed conservatory to merge the indoors with the outdoors. Research extensively on your glass and power options

Get planning permission for extensions.

This is great for an extra bedroom or bathroom. Check with the Local authorities if you want to expand your roof space by more than 50 square meters.

6 Add a Garden Room

Potential value increase of: 3-5%

Get even closer to nature by having a garden-based room!

07 Get planning permission for extensions

Potential value increase of 10%

Adding new rooms to your property is an indisputable way of boosting the price but obtaining permissions can be a hefty task.

8 Up your curb appeal

Potential value increase of: 10%

If garden space is scarce, a lick of paint, fencing or fancy Ironmongery can work wonders in adding value to your home.

9 Create a new bathroom

Potential value increase of: 3-5%

This tactic can easily turn expensive - but it doesn't have to.

Keep prices down by working with an existing layout - otherwise the ROI won't be worth it. Invest in suites as opposed to Individual pieces by looking through seasonal sales.

10 Open plan rooms/remove internal walls

Potential value increase of: 3-5%

It’s easy to transform your home by knocking down the wall that separates your kitchen from the living room.

Seek professionals to determine if the all is weight-bearing. If so, it’s no DIY job.

11 Fix structural defects

Potential value increase of: 3-5%

Thing leaks, damp, structural cracks, missing tiles, unstable chimney stacks. Anything that's structural not quite 100% - fix it and add that little bit more value to your home.

12 Add central heating

Potential value increase of: 12%

This will add more value than it will cost. The average for a Victorian or Edwardian house: 3 to 4000.

29% of homeowners would invest in already built heating.

13 Add double•glazed windows

Potential value increase of: 3 - 5%

If adding central heating isn't an option - replacing your windows to double or triple glazing is a quick fix.

14 Add a key feature to your garden

Potential value increase of: 1 - 3%

A memorable feolore will add the wow factor. An ornate water fealore or exposed roof timbers can add that extra appeal.

15 Create off-street parking

Potential value increase of: 10%

This fits under the planning permission umbrella. Off street parking where none previously existed gives a potential buyer more options to consider when choosing a property.

16 Loft insulation

Potential value increase - 10%

Central heating still might be off the cards. Is your loft insulated yet? This tells a potential buyer that your home is energy-efficient.

17 Give your rooms a makeover

Potential value increase of: 1 -3%

No one likes 1950's wallpaper or the look of a cracked door step. Make little fixes or redecorate entire rooms to give potential buyers the feeling of a fresh, well-maintained and modem home.

18 Look for easy upgrades around the house

Potential value increase of 10%

Outdated light switches, wobbly door handles or patchy wall paint making the house look a bit drab?

Make a list of all the small/inexpensive quick fixes you can make to your property to give it an up to date feel. Try to compliment your existing decor as to not go over-budget.

19 Restore/refine a home's character

Potential value increase of: 10%

Potential buyers might be looking for antiquity or homes from a certain period. Restore heavy front doors, fireplaces and nary wall frames to retain your property’s authenticity.

20 Do not rip out period features

Potential value increase of: 10%

A specific period feature might just be the thing that will add value to your property. Work around it with your unique decor.

21 Improve on air quality

Potential value increase of: 10%

Air quality has a massive impact on property valuable on residential and global scale. Going green or simply adding plants can work wonders for your  home’s air quality.

22 Make room for natural light

Potential value increase of: 3-5%

Glass bi-folding doors are popular for small homes that need more natural light, and communicates energy efficiency to the buyer that will add value to your property.

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