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Choosing Apartment Furniture: What Should You Know?

By Tim / March 17, 2017

Moving into your new apartment could be the biggest decision you’ve made all year. With it comes a lot of excitement and stress, especially with regards to furniture. As you choose your ideal apartment furniture, what should you bear in mind? Would you rather buy or rent furniture? How do you go about picking the right furniture for your apartment? If you have a small apartment, which is the ideal space-saving furniture? Which design, color and style should you go for? All these and more cross our minds as we choose functional yet attractive furniture for our apartment.

Picking Apartment Furniture

First of all, take measurements of the surface you intend to place your furniture so that different pieces do not overlap. You also need to measure the doorways to ensure that your selected furniture can pass through. Returning furniture to the store because it can’t pass through the door is a total inconvenience. Even as you take the measurements, do not forget to write them down lest you forget which measurement was for which piece of furniture. This will ensure that you do not pick small furniture that will look out of place or large furniture that will crowd your space.

Next, choose a style to go with. For small apartments, simple, clean designs work best. Larger apartments give you greater decorative freedom with your furniture. Decide on the colors. It is better to stick to furniture that complements the colors of your floor and walls but still suits your taste. Dark rooms benefit from brightly colored furniture. You can play around with color in well-lit rooms. Do not forget to match your furniture to the rest of the décor in the apartment. Factor in your artwork and any other decorative accessories you own.

Space-saving Furniture for Small Apartments

The bigger and busier most cities become, the smaller the sizes of apartments. No need to worry, however. You can opt for space-saving furniture for that cozy feeling within your small apartment. Hidden storage behind doors and other cleverly covered up spots free up your apartment giving it a clean, minimalistic effect. It also allows you to show off your statement furniture pieces that would otherwise be overshadowed by clutter in the form of storage boxes, baskets, and jars that would be occupying your floor space.


Additionally, going for small multifunctional furniture helps you stick to the basics while enjoying furniture pieces that serve double duty. A storage ottoman can work as a coffee table while still offering extra seating space. A sofa table can be used as a dining table, common table, and also as a desk. Stacking, self-storing furniture have various uses ranging from storage, a table, and even seating area. A bench, on the other hand, can serve as a dining room seat, low media cabinet and even as a coffee table. Bookcases are the lifeline of most small apartments. They can serve as a room divider, act as storage areas, serves as an entry, breakfast, media and sofa table. They can also act as an armless sofa bookend and as a home office by serving as a writing/laptop spot. Ask the furniture store attendants which multifunctional pieces they have. They will be more than willing to help.


Apartment-size sofas and furniture with a shallower depth, without oversized, rolled arms allow for more seating while saving you much-needed floor space. Modern, streamlined style apartment furniture have caught on, and more people are opting for them.

To rent or buy?

We now have the privilege of either buying or renting furniture depending on your specific needs. The good thing about buying furniture is that you have it for keeps. Renting apartment furniture is however not a bad idea and comes with its benefits. Rented furniture can be delivered to your apartment between 24 and 48 hours, offers you worry free moving and can be tested before you decide on actually buying it. Renting furniture also comes in different packages to suit your needs. If you move around a lot and buying furniture makes no sense, you can opt to rent instead.

Arranging Furniture in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments come with their own unique challenges given that everything is within the same space. Efficiently organizing them can, however, turn them into the ideal space. The bed being the biggest piece of furniture should be moved in first, factoring in privacy as you sleep. It should not be immediately visible from the front door since space closest to the door should be the social/living space. Other furniture is placed around the focal area e.g. entertainment center of this space. The kitchen and dining area can be connected and should be as simple and practical as possible. Room dividers can be used to separate all these areas.

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