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Do You have a Small Bathroom? Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

By Tim / March 21, 2017

Do you have a small bathroom and don’t like it as it currently is? There are plenty of bathroom ideas for small bathrooms that can turn your small bathroom into your ideal space. From different designs, making your bathroom appear bigger, decorative pieces for such a space, among others. The idea is to make the best of the space at your disposal not only for the functional aspect but also for aesthetic. The great thing is that most of these ideas can be implemented as DIY projects, without having to break the bank.

Design Ideas

Rule number one for design bathroom ideas for small bathrooms is to keep it simple. You want simple lines, sparse furnishings and basic colors and patterns for a small bathroom. Given that you have limited space maximize on natural light with a large window. This makes your space look bigger and gives it an open, airy effect that ensures that your bathroom does not feel so small. Draw attention away from your floor space with an intricately decorated ceiling and plenty of eye-catching details on the walls. Do not, however, overdo the walls as this will make the space feel crowded. For storage space, a mixture of open and closed in-built cabinetry should do the trick. To save on space, opt for slide instead of swing doors. Above all, focus on the details. You want to take attention away from the small space to the details and craftsmanship that went into creating and transforming your bathroom to your ideal space, especially when you need to relax.


Decorative Ideas

To decorate your small bathroom for a soothing, calming effect whenever you step into it, go for white, off-white and tan. Tiles should do for the floor and walls. For the walls, a row or two of decorative tiles will give your space a contemporary, catchy feel at very affordable prices. Intricately patterned floor tiles eliminate the need for a rug, freeing more floor space. A wall-mounted sink can act as a statement piece for the bathroom while giving it that decorative touch. Do not shy away from mixing different print and textures despite having a small space. When done right, this adds to the style and sophistication of the room. It is, however, wise to stick to a single color even as you mix the prints and textures so as not to crowd the space. Match your towels, soap stand, and other accessories to the rest of the décor for a seamless look.

Making Small Bathrooms Look Larger

This calls for out of the box creative thinking. You want to go for space savers such as wall-mounted sinks which free up floor space, making your room appear larger. As already mentioned, a lot of natural light makes any space appear bigger than it actually is. You, therefore, want to increase the size of your windows. A swing door is a no-no as it consumes floor space; go for a sliding door. Avoid many closed cabinets. Open shelves have an open, airy effect on small bathrooms. The more open surfaces the eyes can land on, the larger the room will appear. Lastly, ensure that the room is well lit. Well-lit areas always seem bigger and are more appealing to the eyes.

Storage Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Storage bathroom ideas for small bathrooms are many. A mix of closed and open cabinetry should give you enough storage space while not cramping up the room. Items kept in the open cabinets can add a decorative touch to the room. Deep drawers can be added beneath the shower bench for additional storage space. Floating shelves can be tucked beneath wall-mounted shelves to increase your storage capacity. Linens can also be stored on a ladder-style shelf which comes with the advantage of easy accessibility.


One of the first remodeling techniques that comes to most people’s mind is repainting. Light colors in different matching shades can make your small bathroom appear brand new. To increase storage capacity, you can add inexpensive shelves to your space. Modern and antique accessories can be used for decoration purposes. New decoration always changes the appearance of any space. If your space is not very small, a floor rug is another decorative touch to go for. Installing a pedestal sink will also change the appearance of your space. If possible, install larger windows to increase the amount of natural light reaching your bathroom. You can also swap your swing door for a sliding door and add more shelves for storage. Decorative towels also come handy when remodeling.

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