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41 Modern Bathrooms that you have to see

By Tim / June 27, 2017

Modern style is up to date, taking the best of the decorating styles around today and pairing them down so they work at home.  Modern interpretations of favorite looks ensure that interior design will keep evolving and challenging our design preconceptions of modern bathrooms.   To get the current look of modern bathrooms you don’t have […]


21 Stunning Examples of a Luxury Bathroom

By Tim / April 20, 2017

Every home needs a bathroom but these dream houses go far beyond mere need.  These dream houses have it all and that includes every amenity in the room that you spend every day in.  The luxury bathroom. A separate shower and tub is now the minimum requirement of a luxury bathroom.  Over-sized shower with a bench, […]


9 Master Bathroom Designs to Complete Your Dream House

By Tim / April 11, 2017

Master bathroom designs require thorough and thoughtful planning for a stylish indulgent bathroom for both function and comfort.  A functional yet beautiful bathroom is therefore what master bathrooms are all about. You can turn your master bathroom into a heaven of sorts with many inspiring ideas and gorgeous designs. You don’t have to feel stuck […]


All You Need to Know about Bathroom Decorations

By Tim / April 2, 2017

The bathroom is a highly functional room in the house. This does not, however, mean that it cannot be spruced up to add a little pomp and flair into this room that serves to relax our bodies, especially at the end of a tough day. You can decorate your bathroom to suit your style and […]


Get Creative with Your Small Bathrooms

By Tim / March 31, 2017

Many of us sadly do not enjoy the privilege of having big bathroom spaces. We, therefore, make do with our small bathrooms. No one, however, said that such a bathroom has to be a drab space. On the contrary, many fab ideas can help you transform your bathroom into a state of the art room […]


Do You have a Small Bathroom? Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

By Tim / March 21, 2017

Do you have a small bathroom and don’t like it as it currently is? There are plenty of bathroom ideas for small bathrooms that can turn your small bathroom into your ideal space. From different designs, making your bathroom appear bigger, decorative pieces for such a space, among others. The idea is to make the […]