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What’s the Golden Rule About How Many Throw Pillows to Use?

By Tim / August 21, 2019

How many throw pillows? It’s time to face the age-old question that has been plaguing us for generations: What’s the golden rule for throw pillows? How many are too many? Too few? Just right? We’ll answer these questions (and more!) as we plumb the depths of all things throw pillows! The Beauty of Throw Pillows […]


The Ultimate Guest Room Blueprint

By Tim / January 21, 2018

When out-of-town guests come to visit, it is wise to try to make their stay as comfortable and friendly as possible by having the ultimate guest room.Guest Room BlueprintWe have a guest bedroom in our basement with a half- bathroom at the top of the stairs. The guest room consists of a queen-sized bed purchased […]


The Most Popular Contemporary Bedroom Furniture of 2017

By Tim / July 1, 2017

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of contemporary bedroom furniture is IKEA. If not the mass produced, sometimes poorly made, IKEA furniture, then maybe the first thing you think of is pricey one-of-a-kind pieces far outside your budget. However there is quite a bit of contemporary bedroom furniture that […]