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By Tim / July 13, 2014

Since architects also call themselves artists, it's easy to see that creativity is vital to what they do and their identity.  That's why it is essential for their design architecture inspiration to not only be distinctive, but to be bursting with creativity and colors.  If you are one of those people who go online to find motivation for your design work, here are some websites for your architecture inspiration:

Zaryadye Park 

Zaryadye Park

When you consider the magnitude of the project being undertaken, both in terms of construction and the dream itself upon which so many have hung their hopes, it is truly an unparalleled enterprise that you can't help rooting for.  In fact, it is so huge a project that it is inconceivable that there could be an undeveloped site of its dimensions located so perfectly at the core of any other global capital.  The park is being built with the idea that it will present a fresh, more modern image of Moscow and Russia in general to the rest of the world.  With its vastness and ambition combined Zaryadye Park will one day take its place among such great works of design architecture inspiration as Ground Zero in New York and the reconstruction of the Reichstag in Berlin.

The Star Performing Arts Center & Star Vista Singapore

SPAC Vista XChange

More commonly known as The SPAC at Vista Xchange one North is situated in Singapore.  A 62,000 sq. m. development it is a curious combination of genius and strategy, reflecting its multiple uses -- cultural, retail and civic.  Once finished it will supply one north and the extended Singapore community with an illustrious entertainment, retail and lifestyle experience that simply can't be gotten anywhere else.

What makes this center unique is the design architecture inspiration which has the retail space not merely blending into, but reacting to the demanding topography of the area as the zone coils inwards and comes to a head in an open amphitheater.

High above, a 33 m. foyer visually and spatially connects the retail, cultural and civic zones.  Plus a canopy extends from it under which the public can gather and enjoy excellent outdoor entertainment and al-fresco dining, while remaining sheltered from the elements.

These are just a few of the many wonderful architectural creations that are out there now thanks to design architecture inspirationWith all of the new innovations taking place practically every day in the world of architecture, we are now living in a time where the sky really is the limit and we're reaching for the stars.

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