Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen layout derives its name from a kitchen on a ship or airplane.  It's the most simple and straight-forward kitchen design.

Popular among smaller houses and apartments due to the fitted standard styles and sizes, making them the most cost-effective and efficient to produce kitchens in mass.

Galley Kitchen - The Setup

A galley kitchen is open on both sides as shown, helping to bring in more light and efficient pathway through and in the kitchen.   The stove and sink tend to be parallel to one another with the refrigerator offset to create an efficient work triangle.  



The design of a galley kitchen is easier than kitchen layout counterparts due to the straight lines, ease of measuring and fit with most modern appliances.  

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens tend to have the most effective storage space thanks to the long straight sections.  No corners or bends to contend with storing pots, pans and flatware.   

Topeakmart Home Kitchen/Bathroom/Laundry 2 Door 1 Wall Mount Cabinet,White,23"x23"

In the above pictured kitchen you can can see 10 drawers, under-the-sink storage, multiple full length storage space for pantry items and two additional cabinets beside the range.  All while leaving room for a full window over the sink. 




The 'Restaurant Kitchen'

The galley kitchen is the most efficient of all kitchens when it comes to cooking.  By design, these kitchens make use of small, cramped spaces to feed tens or even hundreds of people. Many restaurant and other commercial kitchens use galley kitchens. They work great with cooks working in a long, narrow space, lined up closely together between appliances and counter space.


However, what works in a commercial kitchen has some drawbacks in a home. The galley layout doesn't have room for a dining area, limits interaction with guests, family and can be claustrophobic if you're spending long hires over a hot stove.  Smaller galley kitchens are also difficult to get more than one or two individuals working simultaneously.   

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