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Get Creative with Your Small Bathrooms

By Tim / March 31, 2017

Many of us sadly do not enjoy the privilege of having big bathroom spaces. We, therefore, make do with our small bathrooms. No one, however, said that such a bathroom has to be a drab space. On the contrary, many fab ideas can help you transform your bathroom into a state of the art room oozing style and class. You can also make it appear larger and use different decorations to align it with your style and taste. We’ll also look at storage that would suit a tiny bathroom. Tips on remodeling, in particular on a budget, will also come your way within this article.

Design Ideas

Maximize on natural light by adding a large mirror to make your space look bigger. Add mirrors on opposite walls to reflect the outside view, making the space feel open and airy. Draw the eye upward by adding eye-catching details high on the wall and by decorating the ceiling. Play around with your storage space by mixing both open and closed shelves and cabinetry. Custom built-in cabinetry is your best option on saving up space. Retain views by ensuring that the line of sight is uninterrupted both inside and outside the shower. With small bathrooms, installing slide rather than swing doors work best and save you much-needed floor space. Whatever you do, show off details and craftsmanship because, in a small space, all details get noticed. Above all, keep it simple with simple lines, basic colors and patterns, and sparse furnishings.

Decorating Ideas


Using a soothing palette with tones of white, off-white and tan have a soothing, calming effect. Add intricate tiles on the floor to eliminate the need for a floor rug. Adding a row of decorative tile acts as a backsplash to an otherwise dull room. This is also very pocket-friendly. Additionally, you can free up floor space with a wall-mounted sink, adding an interesting and well thought -out decorative touch. Just because you have a small space, do not be afraid of mixing print and texture in your space. Sticking to a single color even as you do this relegates the overwhelming effect of most prints to the background, creating a stylish space. Colorful displays such as colorful towels can also be used for reinforcement.

Making Small Bathrooms Look Larger

There is nothing as annoying as a cramped-up space, especially when you are claustrophobic. There are many things you can do to make your bathroom look larger, yet trendy and stylish. Space savers such as a pedestal or wall-mounted sink always give your bathroom and open feeling. Adding a pair of windows also brings in a lot of natural light. This always makes any space feel bigger. Ditching a swinging door for a sliding one also works like magic since the space that would be utilized by the swing door is now free for doing other things. Instead of closed shelves, opt for open shelves to visually lighten the room. Towels, soaps and any other bathroom necessities can be matched to add a decorative effect.


For perfect storage, a mix of closed and open cabinetry works like a charm allowing both display and functionality. Matching open shelves beneath a sink with storage bins streamlines storage. It also adds color and pattern to the vanity. You can also spruce up your shower area with a set of deep drawers beneath the shower bench. This gives you extra footage space to spare and is ideal for toiletries and accessories. Under wall-mounted shelves, you can tuck in a floating shelf beneath the plumbing. This is perfect for towels, accessories, and baskets that can be used to store small items. A ladder-style shelf can also be installed to store any linens and comes with the advantage of being easily accessible.

Remodeling on a Budget

Inexpensive shelves can help you add to your storage space and transform your bathroom not only for functionality but also for aesthetic. A light color scheme in your bathroom will also make your bathroom appear larger so get your preferred paint colors and get to work. For small bathrooms, keeping it simple by mixing modern and antique accessories goes a long way in adding class to your space. You can also add a personal touch to suit your taste. A floor rug of your choice and say pebble tiles should give you both a functional and cozy bathroom space that meets your taste yet still serves you well. For style, you can install a pedestal sink, say in white, to give a classic yet versatile look. Bring it that wow effect on your walls by adding wallpaper amps while contrasting it with simple lines on wainscoting.

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