L Shape Kitchen With Island

By far the most popular kitchen layout in the modern kitchen is the L shape kitchen with island.  This layout allows for maximum flexibility in meal prep, cooking and entertaining.   With many islands doubling as a dine-in table the L shape with island allows for the maximum amount of people in the kitchen.

L Shape Kitchen With Island

L Shape Kitchen With Island - The Setup

L Shape Kitchen With Island

 The l shape kitchen shown here has three distinct zones, with enough space between them to have multiple individuals in the kitchen. On the right side, you have the range with storage cabinets. On the back wall you have open counter tops with small appliances, sink, large open window and even more storage.  

The island, with a second sink, food prep area and indented overhang with barstools, makes a great place for casual dining or breakfast.

These three zones are an ideal representation of the endless possibilities you have with a l shape kitchen with island.

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L shape kitchens wish islands are ideal for home chefs who need large food prep areas. There are plenty of open flat surfaces to put appliances or dishes.  You have easy and fluid access to your kitchen work triangle.

While there are many different ways to design this layout, kitchen island designs that are cooking focused have a cooktop or range built into the island. This layout allows large, uninterrupted food prep surface space. Some types can also incorporate a sink or a dishwasher to help with post meal clean up. With the island placed at the center of the room, it serves as the center point of the kitchen zone.


l shape kitchens are great for entertaining from the kitchen.  Many have seating areas around the island.  Which are great for breakfast with the kids, drinks and entertaining guests or transitional means with many family and guests spilling over to dine on the island.

This layout is additionally conducive to multiple cooking and prepping zones.  You can have one person over the stove, another on the island food prepping and yet another over the sink in a clean up or food prep role.

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