L Shaped Kitchen

The L shaped kitchen is the most common kitchen layout. Symmetry with cooking zones, food prep and the sink all while being open makes this a popular kitchen layout.  L shaped kitchens provide various storage options, given the various corners units and effective use of space. 

L Shaped Kitchen

This is a particularly beautiful example as the kitchen flows well from the refrigerator to the stove then to the sink.  All while being open to the rest of the house, a window over the kitchen and easy access to the patio. 

L Shaped Kitchen - The Layout

A natural work triangle is created from the L shape with continuous counter space and work stations on two adjacent walls.  The L shape also provide an efficient work area, but it typically opens to a nearby room, making it easy for entertaining guest and interacting with family.

The space is optimal for multiple cooks and food preps in the kitchen.  You can have food prep close to the kitchen sink while another individual is on a separate wall over the stove top.   


Those who enjoy entertaining will appreciate this layout's ability to incorporate multiple cooks, invite guests into the cooking area, while allowing for mingling and conversation.

In the above example you can see the L shape is also conducive to a food prep/bar eating area.  Just fine the right barstools and you have a dine

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Sleek, modern and efficient example of the L shape kitchen. 

In this kitchen you see that the L shape opens up into a dining/sitting area and is a natural transition for guests to come in and out of the kitchen.  This setup isn't particularly great as the cook will have their back to guests but there are also L shape kitchen layouts with islands.  

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