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9 Master Bathroom Designs to Complete Your Dream House

By Tim / April 11, 2017

Master bathroom designs require thorough and thoughtful planning for a stylish indulgent bathroom for both function and comfort.  A functional yet beautiful bathroom is therefore what master bathrooms are all about. You can turn your master bathroom into a heaven of sorts with many inspiring ideas and gorgeous designs. You don’t have to feel stuck and trapped with your current master bathroom as it is. Expert-recommended updates for a remodeling project can quickly transform your current space with elegant finishes giving it a new feel and ambiance.

Bathroom Plans

Planning a master bathroom is a process that would better be enjoyed instead of being taken as a chore to be endured. First things first, establish your budget and take exact room measurements for the location of your master bathroom. If remodeling, using the room’s footprint and plumbing will save you some money. The next steps involve sketching the space, penciling in windows and walkways. After this, outline the routines of the individuals to use the master bathroom. Knowing their routines assists with master bathroom ideas such as whether to have a separate tub and shower and the furnishings that will be ideal for the room. You cannot shy away from research as this will help you find fittings to suit your budget, desires and decorating needs. It also ensures that the master bathroom designs are implemented without a hitch.

Master Bathroom Designs

Creating custom vanity areas tailor-made to the needs of the owners of the master bathroom will ensure that the needs of both individuals are met. A private toilet compartment can be included in master bathroom designs that are not that big. It is a lovely extravagance that can have additional storage space while letting in natural light using frosted glass doors to ensure privacy for this area. With master bathrooms, you can go all out and add atypical living space indulgences such as heated floors, oversized windows, and even a fireplace. This adds character to the room while still giving off a welcoming feel to it. An open layout between the bath and bedroom adds a sense of spaciousness to the room. Add floating vanities to this, and you’ll introduce a light, airy feel to the room.

What is the point of having a master bathroom without luxurious finishes? Master bathrooms offer enough design opportunities ranging from the counter-tops, showerheads, flooring and even the ceilings. Statement décor pieces can be put to good use in such a space. Increasing closet square footage for expansive closet space. Walk-in closets with built-in shelves are ideal for this effect. Storage amenities can be updated for a retreat-like effect. For example, for grooming needs, you can hide away electrical outlets and use deep drawers for storing hair dryers. Razors can be kept in shallow shelves.

Additionally, master bathroom ideas are nonlimiting in nature. You can convert your shower into a spa with multiple showerheads, body sprays, and jets. Adding clear glass doors and mosaic tiles should also enhance the spa effect.

If you feel that you would like for a continuity effect from your bedroom to the master bathroom, feel free to do so by maintaining decorative continuity. Choosing a consistent palette of materials using similar flooring, wall color, woodwork, and cabinetry should assist you to achieve the desired continuity.


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You can visually expand your master bathroom with an optical illusion for example by painting the ceiling with a fresh accent color. A bold color has the most impact and makes the room appear bigger. Additionally, it is easier than repainting all the walls. Playing around with the shower curtain by opting for a curved shower rod instead of the standard straight one gives the shower area a bigger feel. Hanging the shower curtain from the ceiling with a curtain rod while ensuring that the curtain reaches the floor adds more drama to the shower area. You can soften the master bathroom’s utilitarian feel with furnishings such as a comfortable stool and small slipper chair for sitting purposes. A nightstand and small dresser can help you increase storage space. For more pattern and color, add an area rug. Above all, do not forget to add or change the mirror. Changing the mirror, especially for a larger one, completely changes the reflection effect on the room. For the vanity, you can completely retrofit its interior for easy access using roll-out shelves. You can complete your remodeling with new drawers, door pulls, and knobs.

Master bathroom designs for remodeling can also involve changing the plumbing line fixtures with features such as dual-flushing toilets with a mechanical bidet function. One can also opt for lavatory faucets that operate like automatic hand dryers by placing your hands beneath them. Lighting also effectively transforms the ambiance of your master bathroom bringing in a new aesthetic to your space.

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