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The Wonderful Masterpiece that is the Modern Desk

By Tim / February 26, 2017

Is a desk just a desk? A desk is a vital aspect of most of our everyday lives as a workspace, space for peripherals, or even just a space where you can share coffee. For those who work from home, even though, every once in a while, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to work from home, getting a functional yet comfortable desk is paramount. Modern home office desks combine the best of these two worlds. There are many varieties you can choose from depending on your needs and style, also factoring in the amount of office space you have in the home. Modern desk refer to desks that incorporate designs from the 1920s-1950s and can be made from plastic, glass, metal, wood, and any other material. They also come in different sizes depending on the user’s needs.

Choosing a Desk

Before buying a desk, you should first determine how you plan to use the desk. You are looking for something both functional and comfortable. It should also have enough storage space because as we know, an office cannot be entirely paperless. A modern desk also allow you to work without having to sit down. For those who prefer standing to sitting due to several health incentives, such a modern desk is ideal.

Shape of Workstation

Your workstation is dependent on the size of your office together with your needs. Ordinarily, a modern L-shaped desk or bow front executive desk provides plenty of space as a workstation for both your computer and storage needs. If space is an issue, a modern small, wall-mounted desk or corner desk will help you save on floor space while upholding functionality, style and accommodating storage needs.

Maximizing Office Desk Space

A modern office desk with a hutch offers additional vertical space for storage purposes and a more streamlined storage system. If you opt for such a computer desk, ensure that your monitor is not bigger than the space it is supposed to fit in. Another way to maximize your space is by adding a shelf or two on top of your workspace where you can store more desk accessories or use to boost your monitor vertically.

Examples of a Modern Desk

Herman Miller Airia Desk

Herman Miller Airia Modern Desk

Designed by Kaiju Studios. This desk combines form and functionality, while keeping clutter at bay. Its clean lines of burnished walnut and gleaming white aluminum make it very attractive. While a hidden drawer along its front for storage purposes. The back has a raised surface and a trough where you can keep pens, pencils and other office stationery and cables that you do not want to be seen.


Torino Desk Table 

Torino Modern Desk

If you have secrets to keep, this is the desk for you.  If you pull the small, semi-secretive handle on it, storage space appears below it. The ample storage space stretches from one end of the desk to the other and is hidden from plain sight.

BlueLounge Studio Desk

For plugging in, this is the desk to go for. It prevents the mess that arises from cables running all over your desk because of all the tech gadgets that we use today ranging from computers, mobile phones, hard drives and everything else. All these can be plugged in within the desk allowing for only one cable exiting from the desk.

The Covet Desk

Covet_Desk_Modern Desk

By Shin Azumi, this desk is for the open-minded individuals who do not mind a glass covered desk showing everything below it. The glass is perched on an oak or walnut frame and needs careful maintenance to ensure no smudges or cracks.

Oneless Desk

Oneless Modern Desk

Created by Heckler Designs, this is ideal for those who are short on space but still need a functional work area that can at least hold a computer. Its upper and lower steel, sliding decks (perfect for a monitor and keyboard respectively) nest together when not in use.

Stand Desk

This desk can be elevated or lowered to a different height allowing you to work in either a sitting or standing position. It is perfect for those with back problems.

Walter Desk


This personifies the less is more concept with a flat top surface and a drawer on either side. It is made from reclaimed oak wood and its rolled, hexagonal steel legs give it a floating effect.

Sphere Workstation

This is another standing desk that can be tilted for more ergonomic posture. It is easily adjusted manually but gives you value for money spent.  

The sphere's spacious desktop maximizes your work space, accommodates your computer monitor at the correct viewing height.

Works beautifully in executive offices, corporate offices or your home office. ​

Floating Wall Desk

This consists of a floating desk mounted on a wall that can be used as a writing station or a complete desktop station. It can also be using as a standing desk and has a surface slide out tray and cable management slot.

Nelson Style Sway Leg Modern Desk

This is perfect for the home office since it can be used as a meeting place or dining area. It has plenty of working space and adds aesthetic to any room with its solid walnut stretches and rounded off walnut veneer.

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