One Wall Kitchen

The one wall kitchen layout has all appliances, cabinets and sink on a single straight wall.  This is a functional design that saves space while remaining open.  Popular in smaller kitchens, apartments, efficiencies but not uncommon in larger kitchen designs.  

one wall kitchen

One Wall Kitchen - The Setup

The one wall kitchen layout is ideal for smaller homes.  The work triangle in this kitchen layout is less like a triangle and more of a work line with all three kitchen zones along one wall.

Home Styles 4512-95 Liberty Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top, White

Food prep can be challenging with this setup as the sink, stovetop and refrigerator can take up a lot of space in smaller kitchens.  In a small one wall kitchen, compact appliances such as a 24-inch range or 24-inch refrigerator can add some counter space while also providing more room for cabinet storage.  

This layout is often paired with a dining table or movable kitchen island.

Cabinet Storage

Adding overhead storage cabinets can help to offset some of the storage issues. That come with having your sink, stove top and refrigerator all along the same wall.  Many of these kitchen layouts are paired with a wall of cabinets on the adjacent or opposing wall to add more storage space. 

You can even add some interesting backslashes to bring some design elements to the kitchen.   


Bradley Oliver Designs

This example of a one wall kitchen layout makes great use of a movable wood island on wood floors and white subway tile.  

Countertop Space 

Depending on the size of your kitchen, a one wall layout can make or break your countertop space.  In a smaller kitchen the stove and sink are going to severely limit your countertop space.  While in a larger kitchen, you will have ample space while having a convenient cooking setup, going easily from stove to sink.  

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