The Shabby Chic Furniture Guide

By Tim / November 14, 2017

Love interior design? If you do, chances are that you have already come across the shabby chic design. If not, you are in luck. The shabby chic furniture design is one that has only been present for the last 20 - 30 years but has widely been adopted all over the world. The design is achieved by blending pieces that would be in contrast to one another in a normal setting. In this case, the pieces are ether quite old or fairly new.

Blending these two kinds of pieces together began in the late 80s primarily by designers who had been heavily influenced by Mediterranean cultures. They blended different elements present in the designs of the furniture commonly used in those regions with designs while paying attention to a pastel color scheme to create shabby chic furniture. The following is an overall guide detailing some of the most popular pieces from this design.

Pastel Colors

This is arguably one of the most prominent elements of the design. When looking at different models, one will notice that shabby chic furniture tends to have pastel colors. These colors are not in sharp contrast with each other, which gives the room a relaxed and comforting feel. White and cream are the colors that are used the most in this design. You may also use light shades of blue and lilac to bring out different elements and qualities while decorating using this theme.

Salvaged Shabby Chic Furniture

This is the cornerstone of the shabby chic design. If you have pieces of old furniture laying around that you considered throwing away, you could potentially have a gold mine for a shabby furniture enthusiast. Old and salvaged furniture is widely used to accentuate this design. Although it may not immediately look appealing to the eye, old furniture can be rehabilitated to create unique pieces of furniture. All one has to do is make sure the piece of furniture in question is fully functional. After that, it can be blended with newer and more elegant pieces of furniture to achieve the shabby chic look.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors are also common pieces because of the unique addition they make to a room. A vintage mirror adds character to a room, the aged frames coupled with a clear mirror can really tie a room together when done correctly. Mirrors can be used in stairways and in corridors.

Varied Combinations 

The shabby chic theme gives anyone looking to design a room a lot of freedom. The theme does not only allow you to try mismatched combinations, it encourages it. Shabby chic furniture allows you to put items that would otherwise be in contrast with one another. The items may be new and old, or different colors and textures as found in The Bella Cottage but it all comes together when it is done right.

Iron Furniture

Another key piece of the shabby chic furniture is the iron. A common misconception is that shabby chic furniture has to be wooden but that is not the case. Numerous people have been able to decorate their homes by incorporating aged iron pieces as part of the design. An example of these items can be found at Homes Direct 365 and range from chairs to beds to desk lamps that have aged but are still functional.

Wooden Floors

Although it is not mandatory, wooden floors also play a major role in creating this design. Wood tends to give a feel of warmth to a room. When aged, the wood can act as a canvas for the kind of shabby chic design one wants to attain. The sharp contrast of its brown color with the soft pastel colors of the furniture and accessories gives the perfect design to any given room.

Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories 

The kitchen and bathroom are not left out of this awesome design. One can use aged wooden cabinets, aged iron handles and centerpieces in the bathrooms and kitchens to create this look. When matched with more elegant and new pieces, it blends together to give a shabby chic feel.

There are many different options one may have when choosing a theme for a room. It is not necessary to always go with conventional designs to avoid any unwanted results. Shabby chic furniture allows you to create decor that gives an impression of calm and relaxation without making huge dents to your bank account. What's more, It allows you to use pieces of furniture that you would have thrown away to add character and personality to the rooms in your house.

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