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By Tim / November 25, 2017

One of the most difficult things for an architect to do is to find inspiration when he’s fresh out of ideas.  Contrary to what most people imagine to be true, unique architecture inspiration doesn’t just appear.  Usually an architect has to go looking for it.  Sure you can sit down in front of a computer screen and search websites for inspiration, but if you’re truly looking for a fresh, new concept you have to look to the world offline.  So here are some tips about where to look for architectural ideas:

Unique Architecture

Some Places for Unique Architecture Inspiration 


Nature is a wonderful source for artistic inspiration, and that holds true for architecture inspiration too.  What you have to do is be willing to look at nature from a brand new perspective.  Any architect whose worth his pay knows how to appreciate nature and to ignite the thought process that enables him to focus on nature, but see it transforming before his eyes.  By doing this he will be able to come up with original designs.  Many architects say that nature is their greatest inspiration.  It’s soothing quality can serve to relax the mind and give it the room it needs to begin developing new concepts. The trick is in being able to look at nature and be able to analyze it from texture, color, to shape and variation, and then determine how to best convert it into an idea for unique architecture. 


As any architect knows buildings and sculptures offer a wealth of inspiration.  Just walk down the street where you live and you can be hit by unique architecture unexpected inspiration.  Architects look to sculptures for inspiration from their abstract forms, to buildings that showcase the city’s history and culture.  The library itself is often a historical structure, and the books it contains are just full of color, shapes, symbols, buildings and the like to draw inspiration from.  Even a piece of fruit might have the germ of an idea hidden inside.  Or you can simply sit down and begin a magazine article, or a book and allow your imagination to take over and begin creating on its own.  It won’t take long for it to begin to soar in different directions.  If you have the time, spend a couple hours in the library and jot down any ideas that come to mind.  Then take them home with you and read over them, determining which ones will work and which ones were just a flight of whimsy.

Architectural Creativity and the Endless Search for Inspiration 

Architects are in constant need of inspiration.  It doesn’t matter where it comes from, as it can come from just about anywhere — books, TV, a walk around the city — and when you least expect it to boot, but all that’s important is that once it arrives you are able to harness it and turn it into an idea of your very own.  Usually however, it doesn’t happen spontaneously, but must be looked for, and often it fails to come at all.  So what do you do, and where is the best place to get unique architecture inspiration?



One of the best places to turn to for architecture inspiration is Google.  Sure, it’s hard to comprehend that something so commonplace as the Internet can provide a wealth of true, honest to goodness design inspiration, but it’s a fact.  Not just your run of the mill, every day ideas and concepts that pervade the Internet, but genuinely unique, one of a kind, motivating ideas.  You just have to know where to look for them.  One place to start is with the search term “ultra modern architecture” or anything that’s close to that in meaning.

While you are browsing the Internet, searching for that one idea that will light your creative fire, you can also try making and keeping an inspiration folder on your computer.  Never heard of one before?  Well, that’s ok.  It’s simple enough to create and maintain.  It can be anything you want it to be:  a collection of designs you are particularly taken with, examples of work by your favorite architects, inspirational quotes, even examples of bad designs.  Why the bad along with the good?  To remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and that you can rebound even from the worst disasters.


Run out of places on the Internet to go to for unique architecture inspiration?  Then leave your computer behind and head on outdoors.  That’s right.  What better place to look to for architecture inspiration than the world itself?  There’s so much that surrounds you every single day.  Talk a walk and examine your home location.  Look around you with your eyes wide open instead of just staring blindly ahead.  Watch the people walking by with their dogs on leashes, watch the cars going by, study nature, and, of course, look at the houses and buildings that make up your area.  Just open your eyes to the world around you and you will be astonished at what your mind will see.

Then when you go back home you might want to relax for a while with some good music and just close your eyes and see where that takes you.  You can also try thumbing through some magazines and looking at the pictures.  Whatever excites or gives you a creative nudge is perfectly ok.

You are an aspiring architect and need to learn how to get inspiration at those times when you creativity just up and fails you.  Or perhaps you are a young architect just starting out and you want to be innovative and make a name for yourself in the business.  You want to ignite the creative process within yourself and think up new designs or a better version of an existing building, but nothing comes to mind.  Well here are some suggestions that can help you:


Turn to Your Surroundings 

If you find yourself unable to think of the next architectural project you want to tackle or simply unable to dredge up any inspiration at all, the answer to your problem is all around you.  

Take your camera and a sketch pad with you and go out for the day and make an honest effort to see your surroundings in a new way.  Looking about you with an eye to finding inspiration you will notice that there are plenty of textures all around.  A pebbled driveway sparkling white in the sun, a corrugated roof, plants and flowers.  If it’s not too far away take a walk out to the local cemetery and examine the headstones, some of the older ones might give you just the jolt of unique architecture inspiration.


If you live in the city then there is no shortage of architecture inspiration all around you.  Just pay a visit to the city council building.  Most of these buildings are created to be rather imposing, but you need more than just bigness to inspire you.  So examine the facade of the building closely.  These buildings usually have interesting outer layers sometimes intricately carved.

Stop by your local church, school, and library and try to view these buildings with a fresh mind.  You might be surprised at the inspiration they’ve been hiding all this time.  Even the more modern structures, such as apartments and subdivisions can stimulate your creative juices.  A design doesn’t have to be historic or centuries old to be worth considering.  Even your local hospital could be harboring some architecture ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

Maybe there are some historic homes nearby that that you can glean inspiration from.  Old brownstones or Victorian style houses, or perhaps an unusually designed home or one painted in an attention grabbing color.



If you don’t live in the city, don’t despair.  There’s plenty of architectural inspiration lurking right under your very nose.  The size and shape of the automobiles that pass you on the street; the slant of a neighbor’s roof; an airplane flying overhead; a bird perched on someone’s fence.  Visit your local park and find a bench, sit down and stay a while.  Take out your sketch pad and start drawing.  Children playing on the merry-go-round or sliding down the sliding board; the fountain in the center of it all; dogs chasing after a ball; the sky; a cloud it can all serve to get your creative juices flowing.

After a while, once you make your way home again, you’ll be surprised at all of the ideas you’ve managed to come up with.  Appreciating your surroundings and really seeing them is the key to architectural inspiration.  Of course it isn’t the only way to achieve inspiration, but it is right at your fingertips so why not take advantage of it?

Top Architectural Styles that inspire Design

Architecture has been around for thousands of years in fact it has been around for as long as human beings have been constructing homes. Architecture gives an identity to any building and some of the most famous buildings gain their fame from their design. Most architects draw inspiration for their design from various aspects of everyday life. These artists will then put a spin on these aspects to make it standout. Architecture is in actual fact a mix between art and science.

Below are a few of the architecture styles that inspire a lot of the architects in the world today.



This design style in architecture is actually named after one of the most famous architects from Britain. It has its roots in neo-classical design which were popular in the 18th century that would see a revolution in England, America and slowly after the rest of the world. This design style produced buildings that have been described as being fresh as well as graceful. It formed the inspiration for most buildings between 1790 and 1830. Very many architects today still borrow from certain aspects of this style.

Art Nouveau

This term Art Nouveau actually means new style in French and has its origin in the efforts by famous that decided to revolve from the popular yet formal architecture of classical buildings. This style has its roots in 18th century Paris where the artists would use asymmetrical shapes, stained glass, motifs, mosaics as well as decorative surfaces. In reality it brought with it an air of freshness and daring that had not been witness in architecture for a long time. Since then architects have been trying their best to think out of the box when designing their buildings. A lot of buildings around the world have a touch of this style.



Out of the very many architectural designs that still inspire the world today, this is one of the most [popular styles. This style is named so because it was most popular in Britain at a time when it was ruled by Queen Victoria. This design was usually characterized by big constructions that had impressively decorative surfaces while at the same time being simple and fluid.  The use of balloon framing had the effect of freeing buildings. Other characteristics of this style included the use f odd corners irregular floor plans and overhangs.

There are numerous architectural designs that have the wow effect on everyone and anyone who tries to study their finer details. The best way you can go about any architectural project is to read reviews of experts in the industry. In these reviews, professionals focus on both the technical aspects in order to bring out a clear picture of the whole design. In many cases, the unique architecture ideas are from the common things that around us. Nature has been the mother of inspiration ideas for a relatively long period of time not only because of its diversity but also uniqueness. The birds flying in a swam in the sky, the clouds raging, the trees, the animals, the sea, the mountains, valleys-you name it, have been source of inspiration. You only need to have a keen eye in order to get inspired by nature and anything around you including old as well as well as new structures.

Great ideas have been based on what we really use at home or during celebrations. For instance, the candle light has been a source of inspiration for designs that have stood the test of time. The layers seen in the candle-light has made architectures design structures based on architectural designs that have stood the test of time. Another thing that has inspired architects is bubbles-yes bubbles. In many cases, bird eyes-view of such structures will indicate a round or oval shaped building. The egg too has inspired many of the designs of building that we see around cities and town. Overall, based on architectural principles they are one of the most stable buildings that we have in the world today.  In our cities stand sky carpers that are designed in form of maize cobs. There are literally tens of thousands of such spread across globe and when viewed from a distance you can actually think its a big maize cob.


There are many things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing architectural designs of any building. Importantly, consider that the particular design is not patented lest you find your self in big trouble. The most important thing is for you to have plenty of ideas so that your creativity traverses the borders of your imagination. In a nut shell, think big. It is simply the best way to keep your creative juice flowing as an upcoming architecture.

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