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Open Up Your Mind to The World of The Contemporary Desk

By Tim / February 25, 2017

The emergence of contemporary furniture is dated back to around the 1950s. Contemporary desk refer to desks made after the 19th century, greatly influenced by the modernist art movement. They envisage simple visual design that substantially forms part of the theme of an individual’s office. They come in different shapes and designs. The materials used to craft them are diverse. Designers of such desks take full advantage of newly discovered techniques for crafting desks and use cutting edge materials.

For a state of the art desk in contemporary design, hard lines, neutral colors and a lot of storage space does the trick. White, off white and black offer a contemporary edge. These desks tend to keep the colors basic, minimizing the use of bright and bold colors.


Designers of a contemporary desk factor in the overall design scheme the owner to be may be trying to accomplish. They ensure that the desk addresses the practical needs of a modern office while still expressing the spirit of the modern day and age. The design in its totality tries to encompass the beauty of the materials used to make it, the purpose of the desk, and the methods employed in making it. In designing such desks, the designer tries to ensure that the desk can serve as many people as possible while being as affordable and attainable to a wide market. In creating such pieces, creating a visually compelling item is secondary.

The texture, colors, and form of the desk spring directly from the materials used. Such desks can be U-shaped, L-shaped, boat-shaped, rectangular, and can take any other popular shape you may think of. The design also blends the use of the desk with the beauty of the material used to make it for a functional yet visually attractive piece of furniture. The design is simplistic in nature with an apparent structure and no redundant materials.


Companies such as OFS, First Office, Jofco, Mayline Corsica, and Global Total Office all design such desks.


The material used in making a contemporary desk encompass the use of pattern free fabric and materials that result in a functional flat surface. They can range from mahogany, pine, maple, cherry, oak, standard metal, tubular metal, chromatic materials, and even various combinations of these materials. These materials result in the creation of crisp lines, smooth textures and pronounced edges.

Examples of Contemporary Desk

1. Le Orchidee Desk

lorchidee modern desk

Designed by Marc Fish, this modern version of a roll top desk consists of veneered canvas layers upon wood strips.

2. The Lane Desk


This desk is designed for clarity and functionality. This fabulous design appears to be constructed from a single piece of bent wood resting on a complimentary white storage unit. It offers room for multiple workstations.

3. The Briefcase Desk

briefcase desk

This fun desk by Recyclart is a visual statement that demands attention. Made from recycled briefcases, it is a very practical desk in that each briefcase is a drawer by itself.

4. The Reindeer Desk

The Reindeer Desk

Resembling the shape of a deer, this desk created by Alex Kozynets, is perfect for reading, writing or creating. It inspires dynamicity and purity.

5. The Track Desk


This desk designed by Mark Holmes is based on an open framed ash structure. It provides support for several folded steel doors, surfaces, and shelves.

6. The Level Desk

Level T Modern Desk

Designed for Spanish company AG Land 14 by Gabriel Teixido, this desk has a dominant, masculine design even in its simplicity. It adds elegance and style to a room using traditional craftsmanship and os ideal for strong individuals.

7. The Aura Desk


This elegant desk was designed by Alexander Petrov in pale yellow and aluminium accessories. It has a bent surface that goes even beneath the desk, supporting three drawers.

8. The Icon Desk


This desk oozes contemporary in its entirety with solid wood, either American walnut or oak, and legs made from aluminium. A three-drawer accessory container for it also has a rounded detailing found on the desk. For more of the contemporary feel, the desk has a seamless drawer within it. This desk definitely is the center of focus for any room and hogs the spotlight.

9. The Mungle Office Desk


With its bold design, this desk by DimitriosTsigos takes the interpretation of forms and geometry to a whole new level. It accommodates simple elements within its intricate and well thought-out design.

10. The Luna Desk

Luna Desk

This stylish desk from Italian company Uffix takes a courageous approach to desk design with futuristic lines. Due to its design, its rightful place should be in the middle of the room for all to admire.

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